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10 Shazam! Movie Theories So Crazy They Might Be True 10 months ago

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Shazam has DC fans everywhere talking! How many of these theories will turn out to be true? Subscribe to ScreenRant:

DC and Warner Bros.' highly-anticipated Shazam! movie hits theatres around the world next year (2019) - and we just can't wait for it!

With iconic characters in the forms of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg already in the DCEU, it really is about time a hero of a truly magical nature hit the franchise.

The upcoming movie has got a lot of fans talking - and that always results in crazy theories being conceived by said fans! This video will run you through just a few of them.

The theories in question are as follows; that Black Adam will appear in the movie (in spite of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stating otherwise), that Superman will appear in the movie (potentially as a mentor to the titular hero), that Shazam's costume will change from the one we've all been shown, that Shazam will be recruited into the Justice League in the movie, that the movie will provide us with our first look at the DCEU's Darkseid, that a named Green Lantern will finally arrive in the DCEU in the movie, that the powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate will appear in the movie, that the movie will introduce the Justice League Dark to the DCEU, that Shazam (the wizard, not the superhero) will die in the movie, and that the villainous Doctor Sivana will have some help in the form of another supervillain in the movie.

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1. Black Adam will appear
2. Superman will appear
3. His costume will change
4. Justice League recruitment
5. A first look at Darkseid
6. Green Lantern's arrival
7. Doctor Fate's arrival
8. Justice League Dark
9. Shazam will die
10. Doctor Sivana will have help

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