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20 Classic Pokemon Fan Theories That Actually Got Confirmed 9 months ago

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20 times Pokemon fan theories turned out legit.
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Pokemon was such an important part of our childhood and, for many of us, it’s still something we love to this day. There are too many Pokemon fan theories circulating the internet about both the video games and the anime to count, but it turns out, many of them are actually true!

There have been so many stories going around about Mewtwo’s origins and we’ll get to the bottom of it once and for all. In terms of where Pokemon lie in the food chain, it seems like they’re just underneath the humans of the world. It also seems like there are tons of Pokemon who prey on other Pokemon. It’s a Pokemon eat Pokemon world out there where only the strongest will survive. Watch to see all of these confirmed Pokemon fan theories and subscribe to CBR to stay up to date with all our content!

Script inspired by Scott Baird's article:


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