What Would Happen If Humans Went EXTINCT?! 4 months ago

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Ever wondered What Would Happen If Humans Went EXTINCT?! From a planet earth with no human life to no more climate change, this top 10 list of mysterious things that would occur if humans suddenly vanished or disappeared will amaze you!

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12. Lights Out
One of the biggest things that humanity has done for itself is basically light up the world. Yes, the sun gives natural light, and it's beautiful. But only for about 12 hours in the day, and sometimes less depending on where you are. So, from Thomas Edison onward, humanity lit up and heated the world via electricity, and hydroelectric dams and all kinds of stuff. Since then, we haven't looked back.

11. Certain Animal Species Would Go Extinct
Surprised about this one? But it's true, there are animals in the world that are actually dependent on humans to survive. Many domesticated species such as cattle depend on us to take care of them. Another unpleasant category is parasites.

10. Pets Would Suffer
Speaking of domestic animals, this is a sad one, but it needs to be said. All over the world, there are millions, if not billions of pets. All of them taken care of by humans, some for thousands of years. We give them food, water, shelter, protection, take them on walks, etc. So, if humans were to disappear...what happens to the pets?

9. Declines In Certain Animal Species
I've talked about certain species going extinct, and others getting free, but there's a third category here that needs to be mentioned. Some species will see declines in their population without humans. These species include cockroaches, mice, rats, and certain other insects.

8. Structural Collapse
We humans love to build. We've built camps, we've built colonies, towns, cities, metropolises, and so much more. It's a true wonder of world to see just what we've built. But, if we were gone, what would happen to all the buildings and structures that we left behind? At the start, nothing. Time is eternal, but time also...well...takes time. So depending on what we're talking about, and whatever the structure we're talking about is made of, it'll take a while before anything happens to it.

7. Rise of the Plants
Here's one I think many people will enjoy. As a wise man once said, "Life finds a way", but that has multiple meanings. Who says that "life" just means humans and animals? Plants are very much alive, and they're always growing in one way or another, even if you can't tell. Humans have to work hard to "remove" certain plants and vegetation from their buildings and lands.

6. Desert-ed
Brace yourself, Las Vegas is going to suffer. I know, I know, it's hard to think about Sin City meeting an untimely fate, but it's true if humans go extinct. For just as much humans help push plants back, so too do desert cities have to push back the sands of the desert. And without that effort, places like Las Vegas, and many cities in Nevada, New Mexico, places in Africa, the Middle East, and anywhere else that is desert will soon dry up and get covered in sand.

5. Nuclear Meltdowns
Humanity has made some things that are very much double-edged swords. And no, I'm not talking about certain foods that you regret eating...that's on you. No, I mean scarier things like nuclear reactors. These things do make a lot of energy, there's no denying that, but they're also one of the biggest risks in human history.

4. Global Warming Will End
How's this for an ironic entry? It's true though, if humanity is gone, that means that cars aren't running, factories aren't running, and a multitude of other things aren't happening that'll cause pollutants to be pushed into the air. Without all of these extra contaminants, Global Warming would sharply decrease if not end altogether.

3. Endangered No More
Remember how I broke down those three categories of what would happen to animals when we are gone? Well, there is one more category, but it's kind of nice so I saved it for last. Humans are great, but they're also mean, and greedy, and exploit the environment. Because of that, numerous animal species from all over the world have suffered, died, and have even become extinct.

2. Numerous Ecosystems Would Change
This one might seem obvious, but it's all about context. Without humans, certain things will grow, this I mentioned. However, there's a dark side to this too. Without maintenance, certain human structures will fail and start to affect natural ecosystems. For example, sewage. There are a lot of systems in place to make sure human sewage doesn't affect certain bodies of water.

1. The Oceans Will Thrive
I talked about all the things that happens above the sea level, but what about under it?