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callie and arizona | their story 7 months ago

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I had to try and tell the story of this completely beautiful relationship, the journey that these go through over the years of greys anatomy has been joyus and heartbreaking and almost every emotion possible, they made mistakes and hurt each other at times but they still had a love that people would kill for I miss them so much but at least at the end of it all they made their way back to each other.

dedicating this video to the amazing jessica capshaw and sara ramirez for portraying these two characters for so many years, we thank you.

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songs in running order (all by Sleeping at Last):
chapter 1 "the beginning" - neptune
chapter 2 "baby" - uranus
chapter 3 "africa" - mars
chapter 4 "the proposal" - earth
chapter 5 "married life" - pluto
chapter 6 "plane crash" - saturn
chapter 7 "divorce and hope" - mercury
- all songs from the SPACE album-

fandoms: greys anatomy



all rights go to the show and musicians that have gone towards making this video.